• My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

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    180 ways to train kids' brains at home, with bitesized, easy to follow activities covering the Year 1 curriculum

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    • Curriculum-aligned - includes many topics children will cover in Year 1
    • Expert-backed, fun activities to complete in just five minutes every day, from finding synonyms to multiplication
    • Covers vocabulary, math, science and technology, life lessons, emotional intelligence, and more
    • Ages 4–7
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    Epic just became a way of life

    My Epic Life Daily Word Workout is an indispensable daily wonder, designed to introduce young minds to big ideas at the breakfast table. With 180 pages of hilarious illustrations, brain teasers, life inspiration, and much, much more, Daily Word Workout builds kids' vocabulary while introducing them to concepts that extend way beyond language.

    Big ideas at the breakfast table

    From basic mathematics to science and technology via valuable life lessons about inclusivity, tolerance, and respect, this indispensable daily wonder is designed to introduce young minds to big ideas at the breakfast table. And all through the magic of words! Why walk when you can stroll, saunter, or swagger? Don't cry when you can weep, wail, or whimper! Daily Word Workout is packed with synonyms, antonyms, and mind-blowing vocabulary that shows kids the epic scope and flexibility of language. Whether it's labelling emotions, communicating clearly, building character, or telling tall tales, there's a word here for everything. Plus, count in twos with some cookie-crazed tiger cubs! Start telling time with a tooth-brushing dog! Shapes, sizes, left and right - whatever kids need to know, our colourful cast of word-hungry animals have it covered.

    Bite-sized is best

    Research shows that learning words “little and often” is 90% more effective than cramming lots of words in one go. Experts believe this may be because learning in a bite-sized way means words are more likely to be stored in long-term memory.

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    My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

    My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

    My Epic Life Daily Word Workout
    $30 $36
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